Team Management

You have to bridge the "virtual distance" to manage a global team

Training Managers

With a global and mobile workforce, your communication is impacted by more than just the physical distance. You have to bridge the "virtual distance" to manage a virtual team successfully. Team leaders need to foster effective collaboration in our virtual teams by building trust with and between virtual team members

  • How do you building trust over that virtual distance with team members you rarely see?
  • What does it take to foster a collaborative environment for a virtual team?
  • What can you do to create the spontaneous interaction amongst the virtual team like we can in the same location?

We can help you develop the virtual communication and engagement skills needed to foster a collaborative, high-performing virtual team.

►Find out more about bridging the virtual distance with virtual teams, download our free eBook "Bridging the Distance" click here. Watch our free 45 minutes webinar based on the ebook. You can also ask about our interactive webinar “7 Essentials for the Virtual Workplace.” To schedule this interactive webinar for your team, click here.


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