Talent Management

Your virtual workforce moves up, down and around constantly

Talent Management

As a talent management professional, you have to develop a strategy for delivering critical training, no matter where your employees work, while still meeting productivity and employee development goals. Virtual instruction is the most cost-efficient way to scale your training delivery and train virtual teams around the globe.

The challenge? Your training delivery partners don't have the qualified virtual instructors and design skills for virtual environments.

You need partners that can help your team:

  • Redevelop your existing and future curriculum for virtual delivery
  • Provide high-quality virtual instruction that meets your stakeholders talent management needs

We can help you build not internal virtual training teams with the skill sets to fully leverage the growing practice of virtual instruction no matter where they are on the globe.

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Meeting for Results

Thousands of meetings are held each day that leave people shaking their heads in bewilderment as they adjourn. What's interesting is that those are the in-person meetings. Now add virtual to the mix. Meeting for Results is designed to enable management, sales, project leaders and managers to easily plan, facilitate and  effectively close a virtual meeting that meets the decided results.

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Managing Virtual Teams

With a global and mobile workforce, communicating over distances is more than just the physical distance. You have to bridge the "virtual distance" to manage a dispersed team successfully. Are your managers meeting your organization's talent management goals with their teams? This workshop is designed to enable managers to reduce the "virtual distance" and foster effective collaboration in virtual teams by applying practical communication frameworks.

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Working Virtually

Working Virtually is designed to enforce the collaboration and communication needs required in the virtual world. Building trust with team members and project leaders and managers is paramount in creating or maintaining an effective virtual team. This program is a complement of our Managing Virtual Teams program and focuses on the globally dispersed team member.

Working Virtually gives leaders and managers the tools to plan and execute best practices for meetings that focus on outcomes and ensure attendees have the information they need to do their jobs.

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