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Your Clients Asked for a Cost Effective Virtual Training Option ... So What's the Problem?

Your Clients Asked for a Cost Effective Virtual Training Option ... So What's the Problem?

Humans are ingenious when there is a problem that needs to be solved. Finite fossil fuels gave rise to hybrid and electronic vehicles. A cordless environment brought by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Less invasive outpatient surgeries via laser technology. Reduced training budgets and global workforces giving rise to more face-to-face training and travel. What? One of these examples is not like the other.

Yes, in the face of reduced training budgets and the need to train global workforces, many training companies and training departments are saying "we're going to stay the course". Really? You've seen that strategy before. The “stay the course” strategy has been employed by Blockbuster, Smith-Corona and the makers of the Blackberry (Research-in-Motion). While they were enjoying their short term success, their competition continued to innovate. When these three companies decided to innovate, they were so late to the market that they were doomed.

It's been proven that a global company's life blood is its employees. In order to remain at the top of their games they need access to education and the ability to collaborate. The challenges is that the need to reach far flung audiences is out pacing financial resources. This has caused many companies to look for a more cost-effective way of reaching the masses.

Virtual training is the answer, but fear and skepticism are the enemy. You didn't know how to ride a bike until you could. You couldn't lose ten pounds until you did. Our lives are full of challenges that don't allow us to see what's coming. We know that new advances can be unreliable. We also know that those challenges are resolved with each update. 

Consider yourself lucky. Today we are far beyond version 1.0 with virtual learning. Focused instructional design for virtual matched with improvements in technology has advanced how we use virtual training to deliver sales, leadership and technical training in a way that engages and is sticky. This is all supported by the transition of the talking head instructor to a virtual instructor that facilitates learning through social interaction and collaboration. Learners can not only connect to a synchronous highly interactive session from their tablet, they can also use mostly any device to access asynchronous modules anytime any place. If you are a learning leader, talent manager or team leader, and are still on the sidelines when it comes to virtual learning, don't think Blockbuster, think Apple. To stay current you have to evolve, and it's not too late to adapt.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020

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