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Vernon Roberts is an author, master instructor, coach and speaker. He founded Evoke in 2003.

The Power of 168 for Working Virtually

The Power of 168 for Working Virtually

By unleashing the Power of 168 (as noted in Vernon’s book The Gift of Success and Happiness with Chip Sawicki), you can build relationships, careers, families and empires. You can build your dream, whatever it is and you can master working virtually. So what is 168? 168 is your resource, your allowance, your grant, your budget, your clay. It’s the hours that everyone on the planet is given each week. One hundred and sixty-eight glorious hours packed into seven days. How are you spending it? Many take their 168 for granted. Do you invest it or do you blow it? Most track their money more diligently than their 168. If you had 168 pieces of gold, would you throw any away? My guess is no.

As a facilitator, coach and virtual training expert, I get to ask a few questions, do a lot of listening and hopefully help people get what they want. While this may sound hard to some, I think my job is easy because I truly believe that each one of us has the ability to do anything that we choose. I’m not saying that the journey is always easy or that we all travel a path that greets us with the same degree of difficulty. Still, the truth is that you have the ability within you to get what you want ... period. The hard part is that word “choose”. Some synonyms for the word choose are decide, want, desire, wish, and pick. More simply put, you must pick what you want in your life and have enough desire to decide what it will take to make this wish come true. Then, you have to choose to do it!

The problem lies in the “what it will take”. How many of you intuitively know what it will take to achieve a certain goal but, consciously or subconsciously, fail to perform those actions? Let’s make it more personal and add some responsibility by saying you choose not to perform the activities. You choose not to exercise. You choose not to volunteer. You choose to eat unhealthy foods. YOU CHOOSE. YOU CHOOSE. YOU CHOOSE. Each day we all choose to do or not to do things that would make us better and more successful. So what are you choosing to do instead? It’s like choosing to make a left when your directions tell you to make a right. That’s not the way to your destination. Some don’t have a mapped out destination. Some just know it’s somewhere over there. The secret to the Power of 168 is knowing your destination and mapping it out. Each day you look at the map and determine how you will get closer.

So, how do you get there? Awareness is the first step. This first step requires that you take 100% responsibility for your actions. The next time that you want to say I don’t have time to exercise, I want you to use the word “choose”. Instead say, “I choose not to exercise”. I choose not to collaborate with my virtual team. I choose not to be more organized. I choose not to eat healthy. Even when you smoke you can say, “I choose not to have healthy lungs”. If you have any self-respect, these “choose not to” sentences are a little hard to say. They should sting a little ... maybe a lot.

We all have the access to the Power of 168. We just need to make some tough decisions. We are all given 168 golden hours each week. If we choose (there goes that word again), we can make these hours work for us or against us. We can fill our time with stuff or we can decide what is truly important.

Years ago, when I had four children less than six years of age, my wife and I found our time in the mornings before work to be stressful and our evenings to be full. We both had always exercised regularly. However, we were realizing that our new schedule and responsibilities had our calendar full. We knew something had to give. Getting up at six in the morning and going to bed at eleven at night wasn’t giving us time to get everything done. We had to prioritize. One of the things we did was expand the clock. We moved our wake up time to 4:30 AM so that our workout would be done by 6:00 AM. We also decided that we needed to eliminate late stuff and be in bed by 10:00 PM. No, we are not crazy. We simply have the desire to be healthy and have chosen to make exercise a fixture on our calendar. What activities should you make a fixture on your schedule?

What things do you do in your 168 hours that help you meet your goals? Gift of Success and HappinessIf you spend at least 40 hours working and 50 hours sleeping, we have 78 hours to do everything else. In our book, “The Gift of Success and Happiness”, Chip Sawicki and I believe that “you can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything”.

Here are 5 simple steps that sometimes may seem anything but simple to execute.

1. Write it down: Write down your goals. The act of putting pen to paper is the first step towards making a real commitment.
2. Define the steps: Determine the logical flow of steps to achieve your goal. If your goal is to go to graduate school, step one might be investigate schools. Step two might be to take the requisite exams. And step three would be to choose a school and register.
3. Schedule it: If you don’t schedule it with a specific date and time, it will never get done.
4. Do it: Execute the tasks on your schedule. If you don’t get to some tasks, roll them over to the next day.
5. Reflect: After each day or week, take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished. Expect to make adjustments to the steps that lead to your goal.

What will YOU choose as virtual worker to make the most of your life?

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