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Don't Let Virtual Instructors Go It Alone ... Hire a Producer

Don't Let Virtual Instructors Go It Alone ... Hire a Producer
Learning transfer is critical in the virtual classroom and for this to happen, the virtual instructor must be solely focused on the participants. The challenge is that operating a virtual learning platform can be complicated. If the instructor is distracted from participants because of technology issues, the participants will pay the ultimate price - wasted time and money.

What is the Value of a Producer?

The biggest challenge for virtual instructors is to transcend the boundaries of the "technology" to make solid connections with their participants. The producer allows the instructor to focus totally on learning transfer and minimizes the effect of the virtual platform technology and any technology related mishaps. Without a producer, the instructor must deal directly with all technological challenges that not only interfere with their focus on content delivery, but could impede the flow, progress and effectiveness of a workshop.

Producer Role: To be the right hand to the instructor and part of the delivery team in the virtual platform to ensure successful live, online learning programs.
Here are some producer duties:

Providing technical support for participants and instructor by assisting with common technical challenges throughout the session

  • Preparing the classroom for instruction by loading all materials and planning for breakout teams and activities
  • Providing descriptions of the virtual platform functionality to be used in the workshop
  • Support facilitation team by being prepared with interactions and supporting chat boxes and other materials during delivery
  • Assisting as part of the instruction team by keeping an eye on engagement of participants

If a company wants to maintain the quality of their virtual deliveries, incorporating a producer is a critical investment. During our Virtual Instructor Certificate Program, we weave in the importance of a producer throughout all sessions and our participants get to see a producer in action. I believe that training a cadre of producers is a key piece of the delivery puzzle. Delivering without a producer is like a chef preparing the meal, seating people and waiting on tables at the same time. While the food is what they came for, the service also plays a critical role in the entire experience.


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