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Are you letting the virtual environment get in the way of communicating your message? At evoke, we are experts at helping you not only learn how to be a better virtual presenter, but thrive in the virtual environment. You can strengthen your team with better meetings, compel customers during sales briefings, and present your ideas in a clearer and more compelling way in the virtual environment. Learn how our fast-paced, engaging  workshops can help you improve your virtual communication skills.



Speak virtually in your virtual presentations

  Virtual Presentations that DELIVERCommunicator Edition

[All lessons and activities: 3 hours]

The Communicator level is the foundation for this on-demand 3-hour program. Attendees will learn by watching evoke virtual master instructors demonstrate the skills and behaviors in each lesson with actual attendees. Activities are provided for each lesson to deepen attendees understanding of how to apply these skills and behaviors.

Attendees in the Communicator level will have the opportunity to:

 - Gain confidence delivering presentations in any virtual environment

 - Increase interaction and engagement with the virtual audience

 - Apply simple, effective models to reproducibly generate engagement

 - Adapt the most important presentation delivery skills into the virtual room

Eventbrite - Virtual Confidence - Be a Better Virtual Presenter in 2017

Tuition: $295.00 - On-Demand


Speak virtually in your virtual presentations

   Virtual Presentations that DELIVERInfluencer Edition

 [All lessons, activities and coaching: 7 hours]

In addition to foundational skills and behaviors learned in the Communicator level, the Influencer level provides the attendee an opportunity to work with their own content, develop a presentation using the evoke virtual Core4™ template, and receive expert coaching. Attendees will receive feedback and coaching from evoke coaches tailored specifically for them. Completing the Communicator level is a requirement to engage in the Influencer lessons.

Attendees in the Communicator level will have the opportunity to:

- Plan for a compelling opening that gets the audience’s attention

- Utilize a powerful engagement tool to increase audience feedback

- Demonstrate the key virtual delivery skills you need to be a compelling virtual presenter

 Eventbrite - Virtual Confidence - Be a Better Virtual Presenter in 2017

Tuition: $995.00 - On-Demand

Speaking virtually makes virtual meetings stronger

Getting Results in Virtual Meetings

We are in meetings all the time! As we spend more and more of our time in virtual meetings, the skills we use to make meetings effective don’t always work. We need new approaches to achieve the same results. In this session, we will tackle the three things leaders do that make virtual meetings less effective therefore, less valuable.

Meetings are less valuable when leaders:

- Allow their virtual audience to consistently multi-task

- Let the audience hide and not participate

- Drone on and on or let several audience members do the same


  Eventbrite - Virtual Confidence - Be a Better Virtual Presenter in 2017

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