Virtual Presentations

workshop presentationWe are in virtual meetings, sales presentations, and team meetings everyday. You need outstanding virtual presentation skills to meet your goals.

Virtual Presentation Workshops

Virtual Training

workshop trainingTo be successful with instructor-led virtual training, your instructors and instructional designers need the right skill set for virtual training. Are you ready?

Virtual Training Workshops

Virtual Team Management

workshop teamManaging a virtual team successfully requires you to bridge the "virtual distance." Are your managers meeting the needs of their virtual teams?

Virtual Management Workshops

WHAT WE DO: Our clients want three things – engaged employees, scalable training solutions, and the ability to communicate key messages globally. At evoke virtual, we help clients transition their staff, management team, and learning and development into the virtual world. We make virtual work™

talent management

Your global learning delivery team must excel at deploying virtual training.

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learning leaders

You need a global practice for virtual training that transcends cultural, time, and geographic differences.

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team management

You need to foster collaboration in your virtual team. That means bridging the "virtual distance."

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It’s time to retool your design kit for the virtual classroom.

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You need to keep everyone engaged in the virtual classroom. You need to transition your skills to virtual now.

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Virtual Presentations

Are you letting the virtual environment get in the way of communicating your message? At evoke, we are experts at helping you not only learn how to be a better virtual presenter, but thrive in the virtual environment. You can strengthen your team with better meetings, compel customers during sales briefings, and present your ideas in a clearer and more compelling way in the virtual environment. Learn how our fast-paced, engaging  workshops can help you improve your virtual communication skills.

 ►For insights on increasing your performance in virtual presentations, request our foundational guide "7 Strategies for Presenting Virtually" Click here and we will email you a pdf document

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Speak virtually in your virtual presentations

Speaking Virtually

We've all been to presentations where a speaker was sharing high-value content we really wanted to know. However, their poor delivery made it extremely difficult to hear the value and stay engaged. In the virtual environment, that gets even tougher when we add the stress of technical challenges, as well as loss of body language and eye contact. We live in a world where most of us are doing all of our presentation virtually. That means we need to excel at Speaking Virtually. It’s important to not only know what skills to apply to improve your virtual presentations, but to practice using them as well.

Present fearlessly in the virtual environment. Our Speaking Virtually program will not only help you learn the skills to be a better presenter and speaker virtually, but also provide you with the opportunity to practice and get coaching from experts in virtual communication. At the end of the program you will be able to:

      • Plan for a compelling opening that gets the audience’s attention
      • Deliver your content virtually with confidence and passion
      • Increase interaction and engage your virtual audience
      • Handle “blended” presentation environments
      • Leverage tools in the virtual room to your advantage
      • Overcome technical challenges in the virtual environment

Our virtual Speaking Virtually workshop is comprised of:

  • Two 90-minute instructor-led sessions
  • 30 minutes of intersession work


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Virtual confidence for content experts

Virtual Confidence

Helping Experts & Leaders Share Knowledge in the Virtual Room. Subject matter experts and leaders are frequently asked to share their knowledge or to assist delivering virtual workshops. In an evoke virtual survey, 76% of presenters in the virtual room said they had difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants. Engaging in the virtual room is very different from face-to-face. Without a set of best practices, the risk is clear — lack of engagement, leads to lack of adoption. You need to help your experts be successful in the virtual environment.

The Virtual Confidence program is designed to provide an introduction to best practices for virtual delivery. This half-day, fast-paced program will provide participants with the opportunities to:

  1. Gain confidence in delivering in the virtual classroom
  2. Develop strategies to leverage a facilitator’s guide and make it their own
  3. Practice key delivery skills for capturing attention and creating a conversational style
  4. Utilize methods unique to virtual for engaging attendees and keeping their attention


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2017 Virtual Confidence Programs:  Mondays from 11:00am - 1:00pm (EST)

January 30th   |  March 13th  |  May 8th  |  July 10th  |  September 11th  |   November 13th

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 Eventbrite - Virtual Confidence - Be a Better Virtual Presenter in 2017

Tuition: $249.00

Speaking virtually makes virtual meetings stronger

Virtual Meetings for Results

No matter what your role is in your organization, you need to meet the challenge of making virtual meetings as valuable as the in-person experience. That means being able to resolve conflict, collaborate on projects, make decisions, and close deals.  We need to get better at communicating in the virtual environment. Learning how to properly prepare and conduct virtual meetings is critical. In this 90-minute virtual classroom workshop, you’ll have the tools and frameworks to:

  • Plan for interaction and sharing in your virtual meetings
  • Utilize simple, practical techniques for connecting in the virtual environment
  • Create strong openings that encourage engagement and focus
  • Develop an effective and engaging virtual presence
  • Ensure that you have the right technology for virtual meeting success


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  • training manager
  • designers
  • instructors
  • learning leaders
  • talent manager
  • Team Managers

    Your virtual team performance is on the line

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  • Designers

    Your designs need to be tailored for virtual

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  • Instructors

    You've got to get with the (virtual) program

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  • Learning Leaders

    You have the weight of the global workforce on your shoulders

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  • Talent Managers

    Your workforce moves up, down, and around constantly
    In a connected and complex world
    We make virtual work

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Insights for Working Virtually

  • Attended a Bad Virtual Meeting? Not So Fast! You Have a Responsibility as a Participant +

    Attended a Bad Virtual Meeting? Not So Fast! You Have a Responsibility as a Participant

    We Know There Are Bad Virtual Meetings
    If I were to ask you to raise your hand if you have ever attended a bad virtual meeting, I'm certain that it would be a majority. If you've read my articles , you know that I harp on the importance of leaders taking responsibility to run an engaging virtual meeting that accomplishes the intended results. I still believe that the leader carries this responsibility to lead differently in the virtual workspace. What I also believe is that the participants of the meeting bear a responsibility as well. The next time you gripe about

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  • Working Remotely is NOT the Issue. Teaching Leaders to Manage It Is - 3 Fixes +

    Working Remotely is NOT the Issue. Teaching Leaders to Manage It Is - 3 Fixes

    The Virtual Path Is More Difficult
    Anyone knows that walking a greenway is very different than hiking a mountain trail. It takes a more intentional focus to walk the trail because the footing is not as sure and the walk is more strenuous. I look at leading virtual teams in the same way. With remote jobs increasing 52% over the past year (as noted by Flexjobs 2017), leaders continue to manage these remote workers as if they were managing a co-located team. This is where the problem lies because managing virtual teams is a more strenuous activity and the global

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  • Virtual teams are failing! Who's at fault? +

    Virtual teams are failing! Who's at fault?

    We have a perception problem.  It seems like managing and working on a virtual team should be getting easier. With all the great technical solutions for connecting, sharing documents, collaborating visually online, we’ve got what we need to address the key challenges to move projects, plans, and innovation to success.  Managing virtual teams is such a routine activity now that we often hear leaders say, “I’ll just do what I’ve always done well as a manager and I’ll get the same results.”  The question we need to answer - is this working and are we getting the results we expect?


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