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Compel your virtual audience

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Virtual Presentation Workshops

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VIrtual Training Create

Meet the challenges of learning

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Virtual Training Workshops

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Managing Virtual Teams



Reduce the "virtual distance”

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Virtual Team Management





You've got to get with the (virtual) program


You are a dynamic, engaging, and effective instructor in a three-dimensional, in person setting. Once you enter the two-dimensional world of live virtual training, your skills fall flat. You need the tools and behaviors necessary to keep your learners' attention, prompt their participation, and transfer knowledge even when you can't see your audience. We help instructors just like you master the skills needed for success in the virtual classroom.

Generate results in a virtual learning environment that move you and your participants from "in doubt" to engaged.

►For insights on increasing your performance in the virtual classroom, get our foundational guide "7 Strategies for the Virtual Classroom" Click here and we will email you a pdf document.



Virtual Instructor Certification

Virtual Instructors Certificate Workshop

Provides face-to-face instructors with the skills needed to meet the challenges of learning transfer in the virtual world. During this program, you will be provided with opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the skills and behaviors required to thrive in the virtual classroom.

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Designing for Virtual

More and more of our courses are moving from face-to-face classrooms into virtual environments. No matter what technical platform you use, we believe that adoption of some key best practices can help you design more effective learning programs for delivery in virtual classrooms.

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Learn the Technology from a Pro!

Pair up with an expert Producer to learn the skills necessary to support the facilitation team using the virtual platform as the classroom.

For more information on this consulting service call us at 1.800.839.5821 or contact us.



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Expert Coaching for Virtual Facilitation or Design

Sometimes it takes more than a workshop to get it right. Evoke's expert coaches can help individuals or teams refine their performance when presenting, instructing, or designing.

For more information on this consulting service call us at 1.800.839.5821 or contact us.



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What's Your Skill Level? Get an Assessment

Need more coaching on how to create an engaging learning environment in the virtual classroom?  Let one of our expert coaches provide some additional feedback to solidify your skills.

For more information on this consulting service call us at 1.800.839.5821 or contact us.


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