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Improve Virtual Presentations



Compel your virtual audience

to listen and take action

Virtual Presentation Workshops

Create Virtual Training

VIrtual Training Create

Meet the challenges of learning

in the virtual world

Virtual Training Workshops

Manage Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams



Reduce the "virtual distance”

and foster collaboration


Virtual Team Management




Virtual Team Management

Is your virtual team thriving?

What does it take to work with a global workforce? It's more than in-person communication skills and knowing your virtual communication environment. Discover what it takes to effectively collaborate with remote teams.

►Find out more about bridging the virtual distance with virtual teams, download our free eBook"Bridging the Distance"click here.

Watch our free 45 minutes webinar based on the ebook.You can also ask about our interactive webinar “7 Essentials for the Virtual Workplace.” To schedule this interactive webinar for your team,click here.



Speaking virtually makes virtual meetings stronger

Getting Results in Virtual Meetings [1 Hour Webinar]

We are in meetings all the time! As we spend more and more of our time in virtual meetings, the skills we use to make meetings effective don’t always work. We need new approaches to achieve the same results. In this session, we will tackle the three things leaders do that make virtual meetings less effective therefore, less valuable.

Meetings are less valuable when leaders:

- Allow their virtual audience to consistently multi-task

- Let the audience hide and not participate

- Drone on and on or let several audience members do the same


Watch this 1 hour webinar where we will share practicel best practices for virtual meetings

  Eventbrite - Virtual Confidence - Be a Better Virtual Presenter in 2017

Tuition: Free - On-Demand Recording

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Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams is designed to enable managers to reduce the "virtual distance" and foster more effective collaboration in virtual teams by applying practical communication frameworks. This workshop is designed to enable managers to reduce the "virtual distance" and foster effective collaboration in virtual teams by applying practical communication frameworks. Participants in this program will be able to:

  • Define strategies for creating common purpose
  • Devise intentional actions for virtual "managing by walking around"
  • Use effective inquiry to solicit ideas and opinions from team members
  • Manage conflict in virtual team meetings

Our Managing Virtual Teams workshop is a 7-hour program comprised of:

  • One hour pre-work assignment
  • Two 2.5-hour instructor led sessions
  • One hour inter-session assignment

Schedule a "7 Essentials for Managing a Virtual Team" for your team, click here.

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Working Virtually

Collaboration strategies for team members. Working Virtually is designed to enforce the collaboration and communication needs required in the virtual world. This program is a complement of our Managing Virtual Teams program and focuses on the globally dispersed team member.

Our Working Virtually workshop is a full day program that focuses on:

  • Bridging the vDistance between team members
  • Planning and running a virtual meeting or presentation
  • Engaging in collaborative discussions

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