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Improve Virtual Presentations

workshop presentationWe are in virtual meetings, sales presentations, and team meetings everyday. You need outstanding virtual presentation skills to meet your goals.

Virtual Presentation Workshops

Create Virtual Training

workshop trainingTo be successful with instructor-led virtual training, your instructors and instructional designers need the right skill set for virtual training. Are you ready?

Virtual Training Workshops

Manage Virtual Teams

workshop teamManaging a virtual team successfully requires you to bridge the "virtual distance." Are your managers meeting the needs of their virtual teams?

Virtual Team Management

Virtual Training

Are your virtual instructor-led trainings world class?

Learning leaders need to trust that virtual instructors can make learning transfer happen in the virtual classroom. This can only happen if virtual instructors demonstrate the specific virtual skills and behaviors and instructional designers craft a workshop that is designed to take advantage of the virtual room.

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Virtual Instructors Certificate Workshop

Learn the skills for success with virtual instructor-led training. Virtual Instructor Certification, VIC, provides face-to-face instructors with the skills needed to meet the challenges of learning transfer in the virtual world. During this program, you will be provided with opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the skills and behaviors required to thrive in the virtual classroom.

Our VIC workshop series is a 17-hour program comprised of 11-hours of synchronous learning and 6-hours of asynchronous inter-session activities. The 11 synchronous hours include:

  • Three 2-hour learning sessions
  • 1-hour producer lab and dry-run assessment
  • 2-hour final teaching assessment (Practicum)

Upon successful completion, the participants will be able to:

  • Create an environment that supports virtual learning and knowledge transfer
  • Utilize virtual interaction methods to engage and use participants as resources
  • Use your virtual presentation skills to create interest and engagement
  • Identify virtual time and participant challenges and handle them seamlessly
  • Maintain confidence and credibility through all virtual interactions
  • Mitigate the impact of possible virtual training technology challenges on the learning
  • Use virtual platform technology and producer to enhance the learning

Private classes available for teams

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Virtual Confidence

Virtual Presentations that DELIVER: Instructor Certificate Edition

        [On-Demand Program -  9 hours]

Learn the skills for success with virtual instructor-led training. Virtual Instructor Edition, provides face-to-face instructors with the skills needed to meet the challenges of learning transfer in the virtual world. During this program, you will be provided with opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the skills and behaviors required to thrive in the virtual classroom.

Our certificate workshop series is an 9-hour program comprised of 7.5-hours of asynchronous learning with inter-session activities and 1.5-hours of synchronous coaching. The 9 hours include:

Nine Lessons in three modules

Two**60 minute Intersession Assignments **(estimated time to complete)

30-minute - Delivery lab with an assessment

60-minute final teaching assessment (Practicum)


 Eventbrite - Virtual Confidence - Be a Better Virtual Presenter in 2017

Tuition: $1095.00 - On-Demand




ACCELERATE for Instructors

ACCELERATE for Instructors

Maintaining the quality of your virtual training investment. How do you maintain high performance in your instructor-led virtual training? You have made the initial investment in virtual delivery of your learning programs. As with any launch, the new challenge is making sure your investment sticks. The question is “How are you maintaining the quality?” Without a sustainment process, your fine-tuned machine could fall into disrepair.

Regularly assessing the virtual instructors who deliver your virtual workshops is critical to maintain a quality product. Accelerate is our virtual training sustainment program that assesses the quality of the virtual instructor’s facilitation.

Accelerate will enable your team to:

  • Evaluate the current skill level of your virtual instructors
  • Implement an action plan that improves virtual instructor performance
  • Establish a long-term virtual training quality rubric for your organization

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Virtual Confidence

Virtual Confidence

Helping Experts & Leaders Share Knowledge in the Virtual Room. Subject matter experts and leaders are frequently asked to share their knowledge or to assist delivering virtual workshops. In an evoke virtual survey, 76% of presenters in the virtual room said they had difficulty getting people engaged or getting feedback from participants. Engaging in the virtual room is very different from face-to-face. Without a set of best practices, the risk is clear — lack of engagement, leads to lack of adoption. You need to help your experts be successful in the virtual environment.

The Virtual Confidence program is designed to provide an introduction to best practices for virtual delivery.

This half-day, fast-paced program will provide participants with the opportunities to:

  • Gain confidence in delivering in the virtual classroom
  • Develop strategies to leverage a facilitator’s guide and make it their own
  • Practice key delivery skills for capturing attention and creating a conversational style
  • Utilize methods unique to virtual for engaging attendees and keeping their attention

Private classes available for teams

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 Designing for the Virtual Classroom Workshop

Repurpose curriculum for the virtual training environment. More and more of our courses are moving from face-to-face classrooms into virtual environments. Our goal as virtual training designers is to support a high level of learning and knowledge transfer in the virtual classroom. This goes beyond polls and quizzes in the virtual classroom. No matter what virtual learning platform you use, we believe that adoption of some key best practices can help you design more effective virtual learning programs for delivery in virtual classrooms.

The program is composed of four modules.

  • Design for participant engagement in the virtual classroom
  • Create a virtual community
  • Guide the virtual learning process
  • Practicum: An opportunity to receive both peer and master instructor feedback on your virtual course design

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