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In the past five years, more and more companies are converting in-person training for delivery in the virtual learning environment. The challenge for most organizations is determining how to achieve the same level of learner engagement they have seen in face-to-face environments and accommodate the shorter timeframe in virtual programs. To be successful, you need to carefully analyze the content and instructional approach in order to achieve success with virtual instruction.


One size does not fit all in good instructional design. We believe an agile and iterative approach yields the best results when developing a virtual course.





Several things need to be efficiently assessed prior to diving into a conversion or new course project. A review of the context for training, audience/organizational need, current course evaluations, and Subject Matter Expert input should be done.





Technology plays a key role in offering a virtual solution. It is critical to know if the proper technology infrastructure exists to deliver a virtual solution and if the target audience has access to this technology.





The key is startup with a virtual instruction plan and then developing prototypes. One of the most important elements of this phase is identifying the core learning objectives and ruthlessly editing content to meet the time constraints of the virtual classroom. During this stage we evaluate new strategies or information that may enhance the virtual learning experience. Our approach is to work with your learning or business organization as a team to iteratively design the course structure and activities.





Once a prototype is identified for Alpha release, course materials, instructor training, testing, and live delivery are completed. This also includes post-Alpha analysis and development of the Beta test course prior to full implementation.





Often we find organizations forget to evaluate their instructors and facilitators for transfer to the virtual environment. We can help you answer the following:


  • Is your existing training staff prepared to deliver virtual coursework?
  • Will you need to train subject matter experts to successfully teach virtually?
  • What kind of Train-the-trainer process do you need for virtual classes?





Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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